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Memoirs of a Caller


I called Chelsea Peretti to reach her on Call Chelsea Peretti, the podcast. I guess I was bored on a Monday evening, drinking my after-work wine and trying to think of something new to pass my time. It only took a couple of try’s, then low and behold, she answers. And after a short Q&A, I got the, “BlingadingdingdingdingLooksLikeWe’reOuttaTimeGoodbye.”

I laughed, thinking she was clever to end it right at the moment she did. Then, I immediately felt 500 things at once, like I was 13 again, when my brain activity was just a series of unwanted thoughts and hormone-driven emotion. I got better eventually because life happened, but it was certainly a strange experience. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is easily vexed.

I achieved what I was after though, which was to switch up my Monday night routine. So, thanks Chels?


Upright Citizens Brigade Theater - Hollywood, CA

*Backstage at the final Comedy Bang Bang live stand up show

Photos Courtesy: Adam Cozens

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Tim discusses the film Hunt For Red October with special guest Gregg Turkington.

Do you prefer cake or pie?

Gelmania finally came back after months of bated breath.

Episode 7 is out and like the previous eps, it’s got Gelman written all over it.

Did you get my text?

If you’re not familiar with Writer’s Panel, I’m not entirely offended, despite the fact that I’ve told you how great this podcast is.

If you’re not familiar with The Walking Dead, just get out. I said, LEAVE!

The rest of you probably know all the ins and outs of this amazing television program. The show is based off a graphic novel, so there’s lots to look forward to. And not to mention the after-show on AMC with Chris Hardwick called “Talking Dead”. Season 3 spoilers are everywhere.

This episode of Writer’s Panel will provide even more insight behind the scenes of America’s favorite t.v. show about zombies. 

So, listen to it.

Professor Blastoff: Tig is Back!

It’s been a long 6 weeks in the hatch without her, but Tig is back!  Tig shares stories with us about her last two difficult months and her gratitude for good friends and fans.  Today’s episode is another free for all of sorts, as we also discuss dentists, automatic cars, and Kyle’s grandma explains how to use a cell phone.

There’s a new Professor Blastoff poster in the Earwolf Store! I know it will look great on your personal hatch.

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Tina Fey is the latest guest on the Nerdist podcast! Click through to go to there.

Tina Fey is the latest guest on the Nerdist podcast! Click through to go to there.

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Tim discusses the film Being There with special guest Gregg Turkington.