That sounds exotic. Where are you from?

I know it’s old news, but doesn’t any one think it’s odd that Scott Aukerman gave preemptive apologies for his Comedy Bang Bang podcasts this week?

Begin banter.

1) The shows were fine. If we hadn’t been told about how unprepared they were, nobody would have noticed.

2) The prefaces by Hot Saucerman were really counter intuitive. The audience (me) was expecting something awful, a total train-wreck. Then when it was fine, it let all the air out the balloon.

3) I’m curious as to whether the talent (i.e. Ed Helms and Will Forte) made Scott-o-bot do the disclaimers because they didn’t want their careers marred by one mediocre podcast.

4) It’s a comedy podcast, not a sitcom. If it were all planned and perfect, it would lose all of its ingenuity and authenticity. The audience (I’m referring to myself again) knows that Comedy Bang Bang is supposed to be somewhat off-the-cuff. We’re also not expecting comedy platinum (it’s better than gold) every time we listen. Shit happens and, honestly, if a comedian can’t roll with the punches, he’s/she’s being a pussy. Yeah, I wrote it.

5) To be honest, I preferred the little guys being the frontrunners this week. It was great to learn more about Seth Morris and his method of comedy/improv.

End banter.

Oh, hello.

WTF with Marc Maron is a favorite of mine, because I think Maron is an incredible interviewer. Few of his guests have been hesitant to open up or answer honestly about otherwise, sensitive subjects. This week, he was talking to Big Jay Oakerson, whom you may know from his many television appearances and/or the nautical stars tattooed on his forearms. I enjoy Maron’s rants in the beginning of the podcasts, because they help me realize that I’m not the only person who over-analyzes day-to-day minutia. But for those who don’t like to commiserate about society’s idiosyncrasies, the monologue ends at 15:44. For the next hour, Oakerson discusses what keeps him in stand-up, despite wanting to quit the biz several times. His wild road stories sound like reason enough. Next episode is this Thursday, Feb 23— Guest will be Diablo Cody.

There have been dozens of episodes of The Nerdist thus far, so it saddens me to start blogging about it so late in the game. But, it’s no disappointment that the first Nerdist guest I get to cover is current SNL star, Seth Meyers. In today’s ep, Chris Hardwick talks with Seth Meyers about SNL (duh), his take on fame, and Lana Del Rey. Query: Is Lana Del Rey being hilariously ironic or is she really obsessed with fame and taking herself seriously? Discuss. Also, they were recording this episode in the SNL green room, so Sleigh Bells can be heard in the background doing rehearsal for their appearance on the show (2/18/12). Coincidentally, the music ends right as Chris and Seth finish the interview…ooOOOooh.

For those who don’t know, Comedy Bang Bang is an interview based show that holds up a non-structured mix of improv, made up games, and malarkey. This week on Bang Bang, host Scott Auckerman welcomed David Wain to the studio, along with his real life father, Norm and his real life son, Henry. The not-so-real life Gary Busey stopped by the studio as well to talk about his collection of birds and his faith in the Holy Spirit. In case you were curious, David Wain explained how he balances work and family (Spoiler: he’s a successful writer/director who makes the time) and reminded us all that his new movie Wanderlust comes out this Friday, Feb 24. Check out his web series “Wainy Days”, because it’s funny and easy to watch.