I have a friend who would be perfect for you.

The Nerdist cast had a fun get-together today to talk about Walking Dead, comics, and running into Lamont Dozier (writer of pretty much every Motown song you’ve heard). They also got a bit serious about bowling and how long they want to keep podcasting. Chris Hardwick says, “Until it stops being fun.” Jonah Ray thinks it might have to end when no one wants to come on the show anymore. Which made me think, while I was listening in the shower, ‘Are podcasts going to be around forever?’ God, I hope so.

If you don’t know who Hannibal Buress is, first- you’re uncool, second- this week’s ep of You Made It Weird is a great introduction to the stand-up prodigy. I’ve always enjoyed Buress’ comedy, since the first time I saw him at UCB on Halloween in ‘09. And since learning more about him as a person in his interview with Pete Holmes, I enjoy him even more. He is just naturally funny in conversation and his dedication to stand-up is admirable. 

James Adomian, comedian and impersonator, joined Kulap and Howard on Who Charted? this week. They went through the charts, mimicking Leonard Cohen and contemplating what Dub-Step Bluegrass would sound like. Howard threw out goofy scenarios to James Adomian and he acted them out the best he could, including an impression of Denzel Washington, which just sounded like a generic black man.